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New year. Old hope. New courage to retain the hope.



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This smile is not for you. I’m not gonna lie about that, since I know for sure my heart is still in grief, suffocating from this obsession and grasping for your love. This smile is for me. For the courage to let you go. For the courage to lie that I’m okay. For the courage to still wish for you though it’s nowhere near possible.


December 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

The world, according to a lover, is divided into two sets: the one, and the rest.


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Life was easy before you came. How could it be not easy after you left?

Lovenet II

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Some dreams just don’t have the chance to make their way into reality. Just as they are not lucky enough to escape from your mind.


December 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

maybe we’re just not meant to be
maybe it’s my fault
maybe it’s a mistake
maybe I was just too quick
maybe what I did wasn’t right
maybe I made you afraid
but it’s just a maybe
and I’m not sure

maybe I love you
maybe you’re perfect
maybe you’re not
maybe it was just a crush
maybe it wasn’t real
but it’s just a maybe
and I’m not sure

but I miss you
and that is true.

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