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Hate me for all the love that binds you unfree.



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I’d catch a grenade for you
but you say, then what’s the use, if you’re gonna be left alone anyway.

I’d strive to be the most
but you say, it’s not a superhero that you’re looking for.

I’d stay as long as I could wait
but you say, what seems too good to be true might truly be so.

Of You And Me

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Just as the night blankets the day
embracing the light with its blackness
foolish dreams start to invade
feeble faith comes into mind, amidst
ruthless fact of you and me:
everlastingly together
yet never in a way I’d like it to be.

Perfect circle marks the sky
reminding me of my heart, halved away
Again and again I cry out your name
signaling a wish never fulfilled
Even the gods, they laugh at me
tortured silently by tantalizing fantasies
yet I stayed, for
only your name ever make this heart beats fast.

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